Let us know your thoughts, questions, & personal altruistic stories.

Email the AltrUHelp team at:

Have you ever placed the interests of others before your own? Don’t hesitate to share with us how you changed someone’s life or how someone changed your life through an act of kindness.  Together we can inspire the uninspired.

“There is a sense of warmth and happiness that comes from knowing you’ve used your valuable time to help someone who’s not you….The thought that somewhere out there someone is directly benefiting from the fact that you exist in this world is pretty enjoyable. And you know what? You should enjoy it. Drink it in; you’ve earned it!” –Yael Cohen

3 comments on “CONTACT US

  1. Poncio Pilato says:

    Brilliant idea. Surely it will be a success. You all should be commended for this act of generosity towards mankind. Wish you the best.

    • MattyP says:

      Thanks Poncio! We truly appreciate your kind words & wishes. Please don’t hesitate to tell your friends and family about subscribing to our blog as the more people that support our mission, the greater the potential for the AltrUHelp experiment to succeed in helping mankind and inspiring altruism. Every blog subscriber will get an exclusive invitation to join the Beta launch of this Spring 2011!

      Thanks again for your support!

      The AltrUHelp Team

  2. Poncio Pilato says:

    You guys are great!!!!! Best wishes.

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