It Takes a Community to Make Change

Together we can change the worldWhether global or local, change originates from one thing: a certain kind of person— observant, selfless, influential. When individuals like this come together, change has a chance. This is why the idea of community, no matter the scope of it, is crucial.

It’s often the case that these passionate individuals become the founders of nonprofit organizations — or communities within communities — to tackle and advocate for various kinds of change. From eradicating hunger to providing shelter for the homeless, the mission statements are as endless as they are admirable. The people of these organizations teach us all the importance and impact of paying attention, being generous, and taking action.

Below are a few model examples of individuals who embody these ideals and the nonprofits they created. Continue reading

Masschallege Bootcamp Week 2: An Intern Account

…And thus began week 2 of the Masschallenge Boot Camp. As you might remember, week one rapidly introduced us to the startup universe, introducing us to the skills we’d need to help AltrUHelp win! But even with all that we learned, we had no idea what was in store for us in week two. Masschallenge really kicked it up a notch (or a couple of notches). We saw more CEOs this week than all of CNBC’s anchors combined…except maybe Jim Cramer.
Wednesday started off with David Cancel of Hubspot and Gina Ashe of Krush dishing out executive secrets in a panel moderated by Christopher Austin from Goodwin Procter. They covered every aspect of running a startup: financing, hiring, vision, product, and customers. David and Gina used a lot of powerful personal examples, going so far as to reveal some gory details about their more unfortunate hiring decisions providing us with an unadulterated glimpse into the inner workings of two amazing startups. After another great (and free) Foley and Lardner lunch, we were treated to an interview with David Friend, CEO of Carbonite and prolific serial entrepreneur. Continue reading