Our blog discusses topics and events related to AltruHelp.com, social entrepreneurship, altruism, innovative ideas that make a difference in the world, and other bloggers/ventures that reinforce these topics.

We’re innovating how people & organizations give back to fix the generational gap in volunteerism! Millennials (ages 16-29), the future leaders of our companies, schools, and nonprofits, have the lowest volunteer rate in America and their national volunteer rate has declined for over 5 years. Our mantra is simple – amplify the philanthropic impact of individuals, nonprofits, schools & companies to inspire altruism in ALL!

Born from a Babson & MIT collaboration, we started as a social experiment to demonstrate that technology can make it easier for people to give back & that sharing altruistic action can motivate others to make a difference. Dedicated to social innovation, we’re now an online community and building software solutions to enhance civic engagement for companies, schools, and nonprofits. Together we can increase volunteering and reinforce a lasting culture of service for future generations. Join us today at AltruHelp.com!

AltruHelp is a Points of Light / Village Capital civic accelerator venture and a MassChallenge company, the global $1M global entrepreneurship competition & incubator.

Learn more about the three founders: Mathew Paisner – Babson MBA ’12, Antoinne Machal-Cajigas – Master of Engineering MIT ’09, and Michael Saris – Syracuse University ’07 on the Team Page.  

3 comments on “About

  1. J&D Alinsky says:

    It is important to set standards for excellence, especially for improving communication and understanding how we each can help make lives better for others.

  2. Jenni says:

    Who are the 10 best companies with a philosophies in altruism?

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