Inspiring Innovation: Social Good Hackathons

Social Good Hackathon

What do you get when you bring together brilliant people that love to write computer code and program for 24 hours with a common goal of doing good? Well, a Social Hackathon of course!

This Spring, StartLabs brought together nine teams at the Cambridge Innovation Center to create the most socially beneficial, impressively designed, and well implemented websites and applications. StartLabs recruited innovative leaders from the “Social Impact” Space including Mozilla “FireFox” Foundation,, RedStar Ventures and to mentor the participants, providing the newly formed teams with structure & vision in the brainstorming of product development. Teams were ultimately coached and judged on their design, implementation and elevator-pitch process.

Ideas came ALIVE at this event ranging from a platform to increase social participation in local legislation, a mobile application to help shoppers understand sustainable characteristics of products they purchase, to games that help people better understand their finances. Participants brought existing projects to the Hackathon and new ideas that materialized same day! The result?  Nine great ideas that vyed for $2000 worth of prizes and in-kind services.

You can learn more about StartLabs Social Good Hackathon here and learn about other Hackathons using social innovation to change the world like Code for AmericaMITX Up, and Creative Currency. Check out this article on to learn more.

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