Program Spotlight: Trekkers

AltruHelp Program Spotlight: TrekkersIt is well known that one of the greatest keys to success is positive mentorship. During our formative years, we find ourselves deeply influenced by the words and actions of our parents, teachers, community leaders and various others who touch our lives each day. Often though, it can be difficult for young people—especially during their early teen years—to place themselves in positions where great mentors are not only available but relying on positive influence and self-reflection is made the cornerstone of everyday life.

Trekkers, a non-profit based in Tenant’s Harbor, Maine, is an organization that brings the shaping of positive, altruistic personalities to the forefront of kids lives starting in the seventh grade. This outdoor-based program offers expeditions for every level, ranging from camping and canoeing trips to cross-country historical tours combined with community service. In the final phase of the program, high school seniors who have been with Trekkers from the seventh grade are invited to participate in a 5-day wilderness journey where, with the help of program mentors and their natural surroundings, the students work to center themselves on this pivotal “rite of passage” as they approach adult life. Threading all of these events together is a constant focus on positive growth, facilitated by volunteer mentors and the young participants themselves.

Trekkers is essentially the non-religious based youth group of an outdoor community service enthusiast’s dreams. The organization brings together core community values, worldliness, and positive human growth in ways that others tend to fall short of achieving. It is one that deserves to be replicated—and, for the good of the world, should be wherever possible; but, for better or for worse, this altruistic treasure is deep enough in the woods to remain Tenant’s Harbor’s little secret.

To learn more about the Trekkers program, visit their website at

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