Cradles To Crayons: AltruHelp Visits the Giving Factory

This past Saturday morning, the AltruHelp team joined dozens of professional groups, families, and individuals at the Cradles to Crayons Giving Factory in Brighton, MA.  This nonprofit organization works year-round to provide children up to twelve years old with many of the necessities we often take for granted, such as clean, presentable clothing; school supplies not typically provided in the classroom; new or gently used toys; and other goods that add to the key senses of happiness and security in a child’s life.

During our time at Cradles to Crayons, all volunteers split into small teams and worked together to build winter clothing packages for children in need.  The AltruHelp team was assigned to organize outfits for female children, and although it took some running about to find all the necessary items—dresses and skirts were both required items for a full clothing package—we were able to make a solid contribution to the 141 clothing packages put together in less than two hours of volunteering.  Our team was more than impressed with Cradles to Crayons smooth organization of logistics and the fantastic music playlist pumping through the aisles throughout several hours of sorting, folding, and packaging clothes.

As the winter months continue and the holiday cheer subsides, the need for warm clothes for children of all ages and further volunteer efforts will grow.  If you are interested in giving back with Cradles to Crayons, you can check out volunteer opportunities as well as ways to simply donate at their website,  Many items are needed at the Giving Factory more than others, as we found in the shortage of dresses and skirts for girls–dressy or business-style tops, pants, and new socks and underwear were all similarly in low supply.  For basic donation guidelines and ideas, click here.

The AltruHelp team was happy to contribute to the amazing work organized daily by the Cradles to Crayons staff. Want to share your inspirational stories of giving back in 2011 with thousands of others who share your values? Let us know your stories in the comments section below or email us at and we’ll amplify your impact!

Join us in making a difference and inspiring altruism throughout the holiday season & the upcoming new year!

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