Social Good 2.0

Social Good 2.0Boston, MA, is best known for it’s rich history, but in recent years this New England city has become a hot spot for technological advances and innovative minds.  Academic research, clean energy, and health care are some of the most prevalent fields of business here, but beyond these powerful industries is a buzzing (and buzzed-about) progressive startup community that’s causing a stir out of positivity and new media advancements.

One of the strongest branches of this young community is an added element of social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and altruism never so clearly seen before in the tech world.  New technology has innovated processes in the nonprofit community and inspired more charitable action. Anyone–from Mark Zuckerberg to your relatively unknown 3rd-grade teacher–can now address challenges in fundraising, community awareness, volunteering and more with various online platforms and the desire to make a difference.

On December 2nd, AltruHelp’s team was invited to speak at the Boston Social Good 2.0 conference, a breakfast panel and networking session to highlight the newest technology additions to the nonprofit community and philanthropic startup scene in Boston.  The event was held at 281 Summer Street’s social incubator, Space With A Soul, and was organized by a group of Boston-based non-profits and service providers, which included ConstantContact, Accounting Management Solutions, BiddingForGood, Mass Innovation Nights, the NorthEast Sponsorship Network and more.  Thanks to these sponsors, we along with four fellow cause-based startups–BoardProspects, Cauzoom, CharityAlly, and DailyFeats–were able present our work and network with thought leaders in the community. This was a fantastic event put on by people who have channeled their entrepreneurial energies for the betterment of society and we at AltruHelp are proud to be part of that ecosystem.

What AWESOME startups, individuals, or businesses are making a difference in your community? Let us know. We love to amplify the social IMPACT of others! 

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