AltruHelp & Syracuse University Announce Social Entrepreneurship Collaboration


BOSTON, MA and SYRACUSE, NY–(Marketwire – Sep 22, 2011) – AltruHelp, a social media platform, toolbox and online community to support volunteering and corporate social responsibility, has announced a collaboration with the Mary Ann Shaw Center for Public and Community Service (CPCS) and the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. The partnership will provide students with an opportunity to experience the real world of social entrepreneurship and support the growth of AltruHelp.

AltruHelp is a skills-based volunteer platform that uses social media and networking to increase the philanthropic impact of corporations, non-profits and individuals. Co-founders Mathew Paisner ’07 and Michael Saris ’07, both alumni of SU’s Whitman School, were guest lecturers in Whitman faculty member Tom Lumpkin’s course on social entrepreneurship in action, speaking about their experiences as socially-conscious start-up founders. A team of students from the class will organize a campus marketing strategy for the AltruHelp “social experiment,” looking to prove people enjoy helping others and that altruistic action can motivate social impact on both an individual and enterprise level.

“AltruHelp is based on a simple idea — that people like helping other people. Matthew and Michael have used that idea to launch a cool new venture that is already having a social impact by putting the skill and practices of social entrepreneurship to work for a good cause,” says Lumpkin, the Chris J. Witting Chair in Entrepreneurship at Whitman.

“Today’s college students are more involved in their community and more committed to social responsibility than ever before,” says Pamela Heintz, associate vice president and director of CPCS. “By working with AltruHelp, we will be helping to develop a campus-wide model for social entrepreneurship partnering, one that we hope will be replicated on other campuses.”

AltruHelp has roots in multiple schools. It was born in an MBA class at Babson College and is growing with help and support from students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.).

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