Saving the World: Acting Local, Thinking Global

It’s not hard to believe that the ever-growing world population is close to reaching 7 billion people this year. What’s truly surprising, though, is that after experiencing advances in technology coupled with the staggering pace of development in the way we communicate, global social issues such as: health, agriculture, AIDS, and democracy, among others, would appear to have been left in the wake of progress.

So I wondered: Where does the disconnect between humans, technology and social responsibility lie? Could it be that when it comes to addressing social issues, a global solution has thwarted us from acting locally?  In looking for the answer,  I first thought of my personal approach in helping solve world problems:

I was truly committed, and felt responsible as an individual to get involved and save the world, but: Where and how to start? I tried donating money to organizations in other countries; still, deep inside I knew I could do much more. I discovered that having global perspective on social issues triggered something within me, but I concluded that thinking global yet acting local, would allow me to get hands-on and achieve REAL impact. Turns out I wasn’t alone…

 Young people (Gen Y’ers), those under the age of 25 who represent  nearly half of the world’s population (almost three billion people) are creating tremendous IMPACT. Gen Y is turning things around and determined to make a difference in their communities and the rest of the world. These “Millennials” are: tech-savvy, family centric, goal oriented, team supported forces of good.

The recent Do Something Awards ceremony is an example of how young people are taking a stand on addressing local social issues: Sarah Cronk, 18, from Bettendorf, IA, watched her older brother Charlie struggle to fit-in during high school because of his disabilities. Inspired by Charlie, Sarah co-founded the first high school-based inclusive cheerleading squad in the nation. Sarah, was awarded with the Do Something Awards grand prize of $100,000 to fuel up her organization. Today, The Sparkle Effect has generated 26 squads in 15 states in the U.S. and South Africa.

The Do Something organization started in 1993 with the purpose of helping young people “rock causes” they cared about, creating a culture of volunteerism using the inclusive and influential power of the internet to get teens to “doing good” OFFLINE.

One of AltrUHelp’s main purposes is to serve as an amplifying platform showcasing all the “good” people are doing with Social Impact Profiles while connecting these people based on their action in local communities. I encourage you to read all the Do Something finalists stories and discover what these Millennials have already learned;  acting local, within your own community has more impact than just wishing you could change the world!

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