Forbes & AltrUHelp Collaborate on Coverage of 2011 National Volunteer Conference

Last week thousands of non-profits, volunteers, and corporate executives gathered at the 2011 National Conference on Volunteering and Service (NCVS) in New Orleans to discuss innovative solutions for addressing the challenges of the social IMPACT sector.

The Co-Founders of AltrUHelp were on site to cover the event for Forbes and spotlight pockets of social entrepreneurship (To see the Forbes article: Click here). Organized by the Corporation for National & Community Service and the Points of Light Institute, more than 4000 attendees came together to explore this budding space.

Discussion topics ranged from Bringing Community Organizing into Online Campaigns to seminars like Does Your Employee Volunteer Program Measure Up? A seminar led by a community engagement leader from Timberland focused on developing reporting standards for corporations to measure the impact of CSR activities. Leaders from Citizen Schools, Heart of America, Fidelity Investments, and Capital One also lead an intriguing workshop titled Building a Sustainable and Results Oriented Volunteer Movement Within Your Company.

I was able to sit down with Kelly Fisher, Assistant Manager of Philanthropy for Toyota Motor North America, who walked us through one of Toyota’s current CSR programs, “100 Cars for Good.” The automaker is giving away 100 cars to non-profits over 100 days. As stated on the Toyota “Cars For Good” Facebook page, “Toyota wants to salute do-gooders by giving 100 cars away over 100 days to nonprofits that could really use a new set of wheels.” Every day Toyota encourages YOU to vote on 5 different finalists and every day the winning organization gets a new car.

The conference also recognized organizations for past philanthropic contributions to society. For example, Target, one of the event sponsors, and their coveted employee volunteers, donated over 430,000 hours of service to the communities in which they live and work over the past year.

Other conference contributors like the Foundation revealed new technology solutions. As industry leaders in customer relationship management (CRM) cloud solutions,, through a partnership with the Hands On Network, unveiled a CRM solution for non-profit members of the Hands On Network.

The conference workshops, discussions, and guest list reinforce the growing trend of social entrepreneurship in society today. We can only wonder how long it will be before ALL corporations recognize that aligning business core competencies with the needs of society creates shareholder value. Have you seen any innovative CSR campaigns lately?

Share with us your feedback in the below comments section of the blog. We look forward to spotlighting other CSR initiatives and covering the upcoming Dreamforce Conference on social enterprise.

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