Welcome: AltrUHelp Begins


Hello New Readers and Welcome Back Loyal Followers!

The catalyst behind this blog and our team’s website (AltrUHelp.com launching soon!) has been our passion for helping others. We believe that people naturally enjoy helping others and want to be helped themselves. We believe the greatest entrepreneurial ideas are those that make a difference in people’s lives, ideas that inspire action to create a greater social good. From the time I learned how to walk I have been fascinated with exploring opportunities that help individuals overcome challenges. My passion for altruism has been a driving force throughout my life but I’ve always wondered how altruistic is the rest of the world? How often are most people willing to place the interests of others before their own?

If you enjoy helping others, volunteering, or you simply want to to make a difference in the world please join AltruHelp.com or subscribe to our blog. You can email me with questions at Mathew@altruhelp.com.

According to the book, Why We Cooperate, by psychologist Michael Tomasello, all human beings are born with an innate desire to help each other. Children in general are naturally and uniquely cooperative. Think about it. If you drop something in front of a two-year old, she’s likely to pick it up for you!

Do you remember how you were helpful as a child? Maybe you helped your mom bake cookies in the kitchen, maybe you helped your dad mow the lawn, maybe you helped a friend on the playground or maybe you helped your neighbors walk their dog.  So where am I going with this?  Tomasello argues in his book that helping others is not a learned behavior but rather part of our HUMAN NATURE and I not only agree with him but find this concept truly fascinating!

It’s true the simple concept of helping those around us is reinforced throughout our childhood, even in bedtime stories like The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. Its our natural human inclination to help others that actually drives us to take action when we are young.  As we get older, culture and the groups we join shape how helpful we continue to be. Some of us volunteer our time here and there but many of us grow to expect something in return for assisting others. Some of us become so entangled in our busy schedules that we choose to help only when its convenient. However, the biggest issue is that most of us forget how simple it is to help each other!

The Giving Tree is one of my favorite childhood stories because it teaches us that even when we think we have nothing left to give, there is still always something we can do to help those around us. Today many of us are unemployed, struggling to make ends meet, unhappy with a current job, or bogged down by adversity and we may feel that we have nothing to offer. We may not have money to donate to charity or time to volunteer during the specific hours that philanthropic organizations need our help. As a result we forget the lesson of The Giving Tree. We forget there is always something we can do to help those around us!

What about the skills we have learned from our hobbies, jobs, school and life experiences like how to dance, paint, change a tire, design a website, public speak, build financial models, or play an instrument? What about the information we have learned from family members and mentors or the books we read and the magazines we subscribe to? It’s the simple skills and information that we already possess that can be used to help the everyday people around us. We forget that one person’s problem is another person’s solution!

Its these types of ideas, holistic thoughts and research combined with social entrepreneurship that form the basis of this blog and our online community: http://www.AltruHelp.com. My team and I hope you enjoy following our perspectives and adventures as we partake on this journey to inspire altruism, build a movement, and create a greater social good. AltrUHelp begins!!

2 comments on “Welcome: AltrUHelp Begins

  1. Amy Van Es says:

    This is a wicked cool project! I am so loking forward to following it! Thanks, also, for the mention. I am deeply grateful.


  2. jon tepper says:

    A great idea for a website…Best of luck!

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